I stayed on my feet after a car accident

There were weeks that, because of my medicines, I had to choose between buying a medicine and getting groceries for that week. You guys helped with that predicament.


Shirley made the switch to Fantasy Pharmaceuticals and hasn’t looked back

I want to sincerely thank Fantasy Pharmaceuticals for helping me save money on my prescriptions. I am amazed just how much I am able to save! I hit the [prescription drug coverage] drug gap back in July which has made my prescriptions go way up. Fantasy Pharmaceuticals has saved me so much money on my RX’s. Just one, alone, was $47.56 at CVS and with the help of you guys I was able to easily transfer my RX to Pick N Save, nearby, for $6.58. I am more than thrilled. Thank you Fantasy Pharmaceuticals.


Denise’s doctor shared the gift of free meds for a year

My doctor suggested I go to Fantasy Pharmaceuticals and see how much they were there… not only was it cheaper, they were actually offering the medication free for the first year.


Nikki shows that savings go a lot deeper than money

I just want to say thank you so much to your company for the services you provide. The amount of money you are going to be saving me and my family this coming year is such a blessing. I am almost in tears because of the joy and relief I feel. You guys are making it possible for my family to live a better life without having to stress about how to pay for my medications. It has taken so much stress off of me and I just wanted to take a moment to recognize you guys for your hard work and dedication to helping people.


Fantasy Pharmaceuticals gives Danielle something to cheer about

I just want to say how excited I was to have found Fantasy Pharmaceuticals.


Robert was blown away by Fantasy Pharmaceuticals

I did not think it was real, it sounds to good to be true. However I called customer service and my local private-not a chain store-pharmacy and they said that YES they participate in this program. So I went ahead and ordered and paid for my prescription online. I received my email notifying me of my purchase within a few seconds, with all the needed information for the pharmacy I called the pharmacy gave them the information I just received and they ran it through their system and they said that it cleared no problem, come on down and pick it up. I was blown away, the pharmacy cash price for this medication was over $380.00, with Fantasy Pharmaceuticals I paid just over $50.00, Now that’s what I call a savings. If I ever have to pay cash again which I probably will, I will definitely use Fantasy Pharmaceuticals. They are for real and customer service was awesome!


This son saved his dad over $100

My father had some medication that was needed. It was $169 from CVS. My friend told me to go on to Fantasy Pharmaceuticals. I clicked on Blink: $36.76


Fantasy Pharmaceuticals was there for Janice when it counted

Fantasy Pharmaceuticals has been a tremendous help. I was laid off and lost my benefits and didn’t know how I was going to get my Rx refills. This has been a life saver!


Fantasy Pharmaceuticals blew Cynthia’s mind

Fantasy Pharmaceuticals has been a real lifesaver for me.