Where Can I Go For Winter Sun 2020?

Where is the cheapest place for winter sun?

The best places for budget winter sunSharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

Average flight time: 5h 35.


Average flight time: 4h 25.


Average flight time: 4hrs 5.


Average flight time: 3h 35.

Paphos, Cyprus.

Average flight time: 5 hours.

Goa, India.

Average flying time: 9h 10.


Average flying time: 6h 20.

Cape Verde.

Average flying time: 6h.More items….

Where is the warmest place in Spain in January?

Costa del SolEnjoy your trip! Costa del Sol is the warmest place in mainland Spain in January.

Where is the warmest place to go on holiday in January?

The most popular destinations in JanuaryHot favourites in JanuaryCanary Islands22°C6 hrsCancun28°C10 hrsCape Verde23°C7 hrsCaribbean26°C8 hrs3 more rows

Where is it hot in January in the US?

During December, January and February, large cities with the warmest climates in the United States are in Florida. Just slightly cooler are urban areas along California’s Pacific coast and in southern Arizona and Texas. The season’s hottest temperatures are at Florida’s southernmost city, Miami.

Where is the warmest place to go in February?

On average, some of the hottest places to visit in February are:Phuket (33.1 °C)Cancun (32.3 °C)Singapore (31.6 °C)Barbados (29.2 °C)Dominican Republic (28.9 °C)Cape Town (27.3 °C)Melbourne (26.7 °C)Auckland (24.2 °C)More items…

Where is hot and cheap in December?

You can still find warm weather in the Canary Islands (22ºC) and Madeira (19ºC), and it’s a perfect time for the Maldives, the Seychelles and the Caribbean. In terms of prices, December is a month of two halves. Travel in the first week or two and you may find a cheap deal.

Where can I spend my winter months?

Most Affordable Snowbird Destinations: The 25 U.S. Cities With Warmer Winters and the Most Affordable Vacation RentalsClearwater, FL. … New Smyrna Beach, FL. … Haines City, FL. … St. … Pahoa, HI. … Cocoa Beach, FL. … Rotonda West, FL. … Charleston, SC.More items…•

Where can I go for a winter sun holiday?

Best places for winter sunCAPE VERDE. Head to Cape Verde and explore this group of islands floating off the west coast of Africa. … GRAN CANARIA. This Canary Island is one of the UK’s favourite destinations for a winter sun holiday, and for good reason. … MALDIVES. … THAILAND. … COSTA RICA. … ST LUCIA.

Where is good for a sun holiday in February?

All destinations sun and beach in februaryDestinationTemperatureDays of sunshineDominican Republic30°20East Coast26°19Guadeloupe30°7Guatemala23°2435 more rows

Which part of Spain has the best winter weather?

Here are the top five options:Málaga. The bright walls and buildings of Málaga’s iconic surrounding white villages – Mijas, Ronda, and Frigiliana among them – add to the feeling that you’re in the warmest place in Spain in winter. … Canary Islands. … Almeria. … Murcia & Cartagena. … Marbella.

Where can I get sun in February?

Top 8 Destinations for Winter SunThe Canary Islands. If you’re wondering where to go for winter sun but don’t want a long haul flight, the Canary Islands are your best bet. … Mexico. … Florida. … Morocco. … Dubai. … Thailand. … Cyprus. … Barbados.

Where is hot in January and February?

Cancun (30.5 °C) Manaus (30 °C) Barbados (29.1 °C) Rio de Janeiro (29 °C)

Where is the best vacation spot in January?

Best Places to Visit in JanuaryBritish Virgin Islands.Tulum.Jasper National Park.Costa Rica.Miami.Aspen.Lima.Vail.More items…

Where is 25 degrees in February?

Closer to home, and a lot more wallet-friendly, Cape Verde offers climates of around 25 degrees in February. Dubbed the ‘African Caribbean’ there’s only a very slim chance of rain to boot – head to the islands of Sal and Boa Vista for the driest weather.

Where can I go for Sun in January?

Top holiday destinations for winter sun in 2020Singapore – 30.5C.Cancun – 30.5C.Manaus – 30C.Barbados – 29.1C.Rio de Janeiro – 29C.Sydney – 27.4C.Cape Town – 27C.Cape Verde – 25.2C.More items…

Which Canary Island is hottest in January?

TenerifeTenerife is the hottest island in the Canary Islands archipelago in January and our recommended destination for the month. The warmest resorts in January are Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas, Costa Adeje and Puerto de Santiago.

What Caribbean island is the warmest in January?

The coolest weather is in the north, the Bahamas, while the hottest days are on the southernmost island of Trinidad. Ocean temperatures in January range on average from 77 degrees Fahrenheit around the Bahamas and Puerto Rico to 79 °F around islands farther south.

Where is the warmest place in the winter?

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Just a 2.5-hour flight from Los Angeles, Cabo San Lucas rocks an easy commute and exotic appeal during America’s winter months. … Key West, Florida. … Havana, Cuba. … Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. … Martinique. … Kauai, Hawaii. … Palm Springs, California. … Negril, Jamaica.More items…•