Question: What Is The Alternative For Birth Certificate?

Does a birth certificate count as proof of citizenship?

If you were born on U.S.

soil (a U.S.

state or a U.S.

territory, meaning Puerto Rico, the U.S.

Virgin Islands, or Guam) and there is a record of your birth, in most cases, a standard U.S.

birth certificate issued by a state government is your primary proof of U.S.


What is a proof of citizenship document?

The most common documents used to prove citizenship are: U.S. birth certificate. Passport. Certificate of Citizenship. Certificate of Naturalization.

What happens if you don’t have a birth certificate for a green card?

If you are filing an adjustment of status (I-485), the birth certificate is specifically listed as initial evidence for the I-485 filing. If you do not include it, that will hold up the processing of your I-485, the issuance of the work permit/travel document, and ultimately the green card.

How can I get birth certificate online in up?

Online ApplicationNote: The Citizen can collect the birth certificate either from the site or from the CSC or Nagar Nigam service centre once the certificate is available on the site.Through e-Nagarsewa website.Step 1: To apply online visit e-Nagarsewa website.More items…

Is original birth certificate required for green card?

When filing Form I-485, you may submit a photocopy of an original or certified copy of your birth certificate. However, we highly recommend that you take an original or certified copy of the birth certificate to the adjustment of status interview. The immigration officer may request to see it at that time.

How can I get a green card without a birth certificate?

When your birth certificate is missing, USCIS requests both of the following:Two separate affidavits from two different people who can attest they have firsthand knowledge of the birth.Certificate of unavailability from the local recordkeeping body in the locality where the person was born.

How can I get my birth certificate online in India?

Fill the birth certificate application form online. You need to follow the instructions after signing in. Pay online for the service and then, save the receipt in your PC. Later, come along it in the MC office.

What can I use instead of a birth certificate?

Here’s the full list of what you can use:Baptismal certificate with the Church’s seal.Hospital birth certificate with the baby’s footprints on and your parents’ names on it.Certified adoption decree.State or Federal Census records.Early school records.Family Bible record.Medical record of post-natal care.

Is a passport a substitute for a birth certificate?

Passport acceptance facilities typically ask for a birth certificate as proof of citizenship. However, you can receive a passport without giving a birth certificate, as long as you give sufficient information in its place.

How can I prove my citizenship without a birth certificate?

Early public records like a baptism certificate, U.S. Census records, U.S. school records, a hospital birth certificate, a family bible record, doctor or medical records, or Form DS-10 Birth Affidavit are accepted….If Born in the United StatesDelayed birth certificate.Early public records.Letter of No Record.

Is Social Security card proof of citizenship?

Unacceptable Documents The following will not be accepted as secondary evidence of U.S. citizenship: Voter registration card. Army discharge paper. Social Security Card.

Can you get a baby passport without birth certificate?

You will need to provide your baby’s original birth certificate to prove their identity and to confirm that they are eligible for a British passport. You will also need to send two photographs of your child, along with your own passport details in the relevant section of the application form.

Is birth certificate compulsory for visa?

1. Original birth certificate for your family member, as well as a clear photocopy. … Passport or other government-issued photo identification for your family member. If you are a K via applicant, your child must apply for and be issued a visa within one year of the date you are issued a visa.

How can I get birth certificate in India?

Step 1: Get a birth Certificate Registration Form from the registrar’s office (from your municipal authority). Step 2: When a child is born in a hospital, the form is provided by the Medical Officer In-charge. Step 3: Fill in the form within 21 days of birth of the child.

How can I get birth certificate in Lucknow?

Procedure[edit]Apply through CSC Centre.Apply On-line. Please use the following link where you have register yourself and apply for a Birth Certificate : On-line Birth Certificate.Apply through Thesil or Municipality or District Magistrate Office.Uttar Pradesh – Apply For Birth Certificate.