Question: What Does Mortality Mean?

What is definition of mortality?

(mor-TA-lih-tee) Refers to the state of being mortal (destined to die).

In medicine, a term also used for death rate, or the number of deaths in a certain group of people in a certain period of time..

Are morbidity and mortality are synonymous?

Morbidity refers to the state of being diseased or unhealthy within a population. Mortality is the term used for the number of people who died within a population. Morbidity refers to an incidence of ill health in a population. Mortality refers to the incidence of death or the number of deaths in a population.

What does high mortality rate mean?

noun. the relative frequency of deaths in a specific population during a specified time, often cited as the percentage of human deaths during a public health crisis, or of wildlife deaths due to environmental perils: Patients over the age of 80 had the highest mortality rate during the last flu season.

What does morbid surgery mean?

Operative morbidity is the temporary or permanent disability observed during and after an operation. In The STS and EACTS Congenital Heart Databases, operative morbidity is defined as any morbidity that occurs during the time interval between OR Entry Date and Time and the end of the period of data collection.

What is the strongest indicator of a person’s Morbidity and Mortality experience?

Health by Socioeconomic Status Marilyn Winkleby and her research associates (1992) state that “one of the strongest and most consistent predictors of a person’s morbidity and mortality experience is that person’s socioeconomic status (SES).

What does mortality risk mean?

The mortality risk is the chance that the company will have to pay out a death benefit sooner than expected.

What is the fear of death called?

Thanatophobia is commonly referred to as the fear of death. More specifically, it can be a fear of death or a fear of the dying process.

What is another word for mortality?

What is another word for mortality?death tolldeath ratefatalitiesfatality rateloss of lifemortality rate

What is mortality vs morbidity?

Morbidity and mortality are two terms that often get confused. Morbidity refers to disease states, while mortality refers to death. Both terms are commonly used in health- and death-related statistics.

What are the 5 key indicators of health?

Health IndicatorsCrude death rate.Life expectancy.Infant mortality rate.Maternal mortality rate.Proportional mortality rate.

Is life expectancy a mortality indicator?

INDICATOR (a) Name: Life Expectancy at Birth. live, if he or she were subject to the age-specific mortality rates of a given period. to live on average given current age-specific mortality rates. Life expectancy at birth is an indicator of mortality conditions and, by proxy, of health conditions.

What does temporality mean?

1a : civil or political as distinguished from spiritual or ecclesiastical power or authority. b : an ecclesiastical property or revenue —often used in plural. 2 : the quality or state of being temporal.

Does mortality mean death?

The quality or condition of being mortal. Death, especially of large numbers; heavy loss of life. Death on a large scale, as from disease or war. …

What are the indicators of mortality?

The various measures of mortality published under SRS are Crude Death Rate (CDR), Under-five Mortality Rate (U5MR), Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and its components, Age Specific Mortality Rates (ASMR), Still Birth Rate (SBR) and Peri-Natal Mortality Rate (PMR). its inception.

Is obesity a morbidity?

Obesity greatly increases risk of chronic disease morbidity—namely disability, depression, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers—and mortality. Childhood obesity results in the same conditions, with premature onset, or with greater likelihood in adulthood (6).

What is an example of Morbidity?

Morbidity is another term for illness. A person can have several co-morbidities simultaneously. So, morbidities can range from Alzheimer’s disease to cancer to traumatic brain injury. Morbidities are NOT deaths.

What is the opposite of mortality?

mortality(noun) the quality or state of being mortal. Antonyms: immortality.